Welcome to my little blog


I’m new to blogging, so I apologize for any errors there might be. You can call me Rae or Rachel. My pen name is Rachel Carson, named after the infamous writer of Silent Spring and a pioneer in the field of sustainability. She is an inspiration to me, so it felt right to use her name.

This blog will hit touchy topics. I will get rant-y sometimes, because I feel something that I like to call ‘righteous anger’. So bear with me as we journey together to further our minds and hearts in the name of progress, equality and sustainability!

Just a few of the things I will cover are (obviously) sustainability, new green technology (and my opinions on it), feminism (or humanism, if you like that better), hot political issues, vaccines (as well as other medical topics), and controversial issues of any kind. I have strong opinions on all of these things (and more!) but I believe in respectfully stating said opinions. I won’t call names, I won’t (purposefully) offend anyone, and I will cite reputable websites for any data that I state.

This is also a blog celebrating my life and how I choose to live it, so there will be personal posts. Posts about my classes, my friends (with names changed to something fun, of course), my achievements, and you may even get a post or two about my love life/sex life. I’ll write on pretty much anything that I feel strongly about, and you are welcome to read, congratulate, advise or critique. I appreciate comments and emails, so feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff! I can’t wait to share my world with you, and I hope some of what I say will bring new insights, new knowledge, and new spice into your life.




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