Little Life Update

Today has been kind of interesting. I had my usual classes, which all went well, of course. But the main stress in my life today was my interview for the School of Education. I interviewed today at 3pm, and I was so nervous, although I have no idea why- I’ve been preparing for this application and interview for over a month. Besides, my professor from last semester and my adviser were interviewing me. I was sweating bullets, and my anxiety was through the roof, because I’m a giant worry wart. I kept imagining, what happens if I don’t get in? I’ve arranged my academic life around this. But the interview went great- it didn’t even really feel like an interview, which was such a relief. It was really flattering to hear them talk about my accomplishments. My self confidence in my teaching is kind of low, since I just started education classes recently, so I’m feeling particularly bubbly about it. It feels like it’s a new step in the right direction for my life, and I love the refreshing feeling of relief that comes with this. I’ve been dreaming about this for a while now, and it’s a little overwhelming to have it begin to happen. I was that weird girl today, speed walking down the sidewalks between buildings in a polo and khakis, sniffling back emotional tears. I’m so lame, I know.

A few other updates, just for fluff (before I start furiously campaigning for equal rights or something): I signed up with a dear friend of mine (whom I will refer to as Harley, due to her love for all things Harley Quinn) for a hula dancing luau thing. I haven’t danced for about 2 years (brings back some good but mostly bad memories from 4 years of musical), and I’ve never had experience with hula, so this should be sort of intriguing. I know it will be fine, but a part of me wants to cancel. Ugh. I’m having tea with my favorite (and only) sister tomorrow. We’re trying out a tea place in our town. I got her a ‘sister-date’ for Christmas, and I know we will have a blast, so I’m excited. Besides, we haven’t had tea at an actual tea place for a while. I really enjoy spending time with Ariel (named because that’s one of her favorite Disney princesses). For sisters, we’re pretty close because we were roommates for years, and we’re only two years apart. Not to mention, we go to the same University, so that’s amazing. But now I’m just rambling. Later tomorrow evening, Harley plans to turn me into Jessica Rabbit with her amazing face painting skills, so I’m looking forward to that as well. I even heard something about quickly painting the face of my boyfriend (whose name is Clark, after his obsession with Superman) like Roger Rabbit. I may or may not have coordinated with Harley to get him rabbit ears. Oops.

I wanted to post something lighthearted and fun, so here you go 🙂 have a great evening!



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