LGBT Rights: Christian University Style

Hello all! I hope you are all having excellent weekends.

Today, I had a bit of a conundrum. I had a really good conversation with my excellent roommate (referred to as Habib [Arabic for beautiful] because we are both part Lebanese) about a recent development with our university hiring rules. Since we are a private Christian university, hiring procedure claims that there will be no discrimination for gender, ethnicity, etc.- but up until now, there was no clause promising no discrimination on basis of sexual preference, meaning that technically, a job applicant could be turned away on basis of sexual orientation. This sort of makes sense for a Christian school, but I’m proud of our student government for trying to level the playing field for LGBT professors.

This is revolutionary for a small private Christian college to even consider putting this clause into hiring procedure. Although I have had reassurance from sound sources that our school already implements this clause (kind of like an unspoken rule to not discriminate against LGBT employees), it would be a step forward for my school.

We have a hard time accepting LGBT students here anyways, simply because the majority of students at my school are conservative Christians. There is unfortunately a lot of tension surrounding those who are open about their sexuality, which is why I chose to come out to only a few friends. I don’t tell anyone I’m not familiar with, because it actually isn’t safe for me to be open about my bisexuality. A lot of the students here assume that I’m straight automatically because I have a boyfriend, and I let them because it’s easier to do that than explain how my sexuality fits in with my Christianity, but this is a topic for another time. Point is, LGBT students and faculty are not exactly welcomed on campus.

The only problems I can think of are those that have to do with politics and the Christian community. Since we are a private, conservative Christian college, we have a lot of people who donate money. Most of our donors are alumni, and are conservative Christians, which means that we potentially lose funding money due to a simple change of clause. Not to mention, this resolution has to get passed by our Board of Directors, who probably won’t pass it due to money concerns, as well as concerns about how this will affect my university’s reputation in Christian circles (potentially losing future applicants).

But I think they should pass it because I believe that it’s time to make a stand. This shows our Christian love for every person, including LGBT people, and sets an example for other Christian universities. Yes, we may lose money, we may lose applicants, but we will gain respect in our community overall, as well as teach our students to treat each person with respect and without discrimination, even if they have different preferences (not to mention make the school more appealing for LGBT students and professors, increasing diversity). We either take a stand now and prompt good conversation in the Christian communities about this issue, or follow suit and do it later to avoid catching flack for not resolving this earlier. We are considered leaders in our community, and we should lead on this issue as well.

Questions? Comments? Don’t hesitate to throw in your two cents below.

Thanks for reading! Rachel

Update: My school’s student government has passed the amendment! See a little more information here.


6 thoughts on “LGBT Rights: Christian University Style

  1. Eugh, it sucks that you can’t be open about your sexual orientation, but it’s also super important to be safe, so… I get it. But it’s still really cool that your university is making progress!

    LGBTQ+-friendliness was definitely a big factor when I searched for colleges. (I’ll be attending the U of Iowa this fall.) My college was actually the first in the US/world to have a university-level GSA, so that’s pretty cool. 🙂

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    1. It was a hard decision because I wanted to go to a private Christian uni, and my school is pretty liberal for what they are, but it’s still dangerous. It’s hard being a bisexual Christian, because I kind of get crap from all sides. That’s why I have to be super careful about who I come out to.

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      1. Yeah, I’ll bet. I’m not even religious (and never have been, although I’m totally open to it being a future possibility), but I get frustrated by how anti-religion much of the LGBTQ+ community is. :/ Religion isn’t the problem – people who manipulate religious teachings to further their own bigoted aims are the problem.

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      2. Exactly. I believe it’s possible to live a harmonious, balanced life as a transgender or alternatively sexual Christian. It frustrates me when people assume that they can’t be balanced with each other.

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  2. What is odd is, as far as I can find, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to a person of the same sex or loving a person of the same sex (which actually seems to be encouraged). Where it appears God might have a problem with it is if the sexual act is performed or fantasized about. What I can’t understand is why some religious people think that homosexual sex is any worse in God’s eyes than unmarried heterosexual sex.

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