Yes I know I am being irrational, please stop telling me.

As someone with social as well as general anxiety, this is so true. I’ll elaborate later. -R


I understand that it is difficult for people to understand anxiety, and I really do believe no-one could every truly understand how life changing and horrendous it is, unless they had experienced it their self. However, whilst I understand this, it doesn’t stop me being angry when people express their opinion on how I should behave/life my life with anxiety. I know some people are trying to do/say what they think are in my best interests, but I wish I could tell him that it REALLY doesn’t help. If I could tell these people how I feel it would go something like this:

Dear Family/Friends,

I know you are trying to help me, but please stop trying to do this in unhelpful ways. I did not ask to be like this, and nor do I enjoy it.

When you try to chat and I am having a low day, I am not…

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