Living the Butterfly and the Mountain

I work at a job that requires interaction with college students and professors. Like any job that works with assisting people, it can be difficult to serve well with a good attitude. I have my bad days, just like anyone else, and sometimes a stressful or busy day happens to be a work day.

I personally believe that if you show enough love to people, they will return the favor with others who need it. It’s a ripple effect, and I think it is powerful enough to effect locally, nationally and globally. A simple smile, a kind word or sincere compliment can turn a life around. Being compassionate and respectful is key for great relationships, as well as handy when in a customer management job.

Working with college students and professors has allowed me to make good friends as well as practice this ripple effect. Even when I am feeling bad, stressed our, or down, I put a smile on my face anyway and make someone else’s day better. This not only increases the chance of spreading the respect and compassion, but bringing joy to people’s lives (even in such a small way) cheers me up immensely. It’s part of my Calling, to improve others’ lives and make them a little happier. I enjoy knowing that I brought a little light into someone’s day, especially if I can tell they are having a bad day. It means a lot to me that I have the privilege of serving those around me in a way that improves everyone’s mood all around.

I think respect and compassion are crucial for any type of job or relationship. It’s impossible to overstate the effect that these create. Even if my contribution is small, I love to know that I represent my generation well. I try to embody the key components of feminism, humanism and Christianity, so even if people don’t agree with me, they still get a little light. All humans need encouragement, and I think everyone should take the burden of bringing joy to others onto their shoulders. It makes me act more responsibly, and helps me to consider my words before they come out to make sure that I’m not hurting feelings.

As people’s days improve, they are then kinder to others, and the cycle continues. I like to imagine that I’m just a simple butterfly, but my flutters will eventually move a mountain. I aspire and inspire to move that mountain, and I hope that my efforts are making a difference.

Let me know any thoughts you have on this! I love seeing your comments and opinions. I hope you all have wonderful days, and don’t forget to uplift those around you. Strive to live in a way that makes people look up to your spirit.

– Rachel


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