Bad Feminism

Great thoughts. I feel similarly. Let’s raise all genders up-to-date and not being each other down.

The Generation Y Feminist

We all make mistakes. Nobody can claim perfection, especially when it comes to gender equality. I’m known to make jokes and comments about men and other women that do not accurately portray me as a feminist. Those are mostly in jest, but sometimes they are honest mistakes. I don’t catch them until I reflect back on the comment and think, “Oops. You don’t really believe that. Do better next time.”

Part of what fuels my feminist fire is finding common ground on social media. I have a Pinterest board called “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like”, and I’m amazed at how many feminists are on Pinterest. We share quotes, ideas, pictures, statistics…it feels like I have companions when I visit my homepage. However, I was taken aback by a couple of pins when I logged on today:



Let’s begin with the first pin, which was filed under someone else’s…

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