Should Your Child Be Vaccinated?

All children who are medically able should be vaccinated.

She's Our Rock

MMR3To moms who are hesitant to vaccinate your children against the measles, mumps and rubella, please trust me when I tell you that I’m also guilty of having the same doubts.

Growing up, we relied on natural remedies–the thought of injecting your child with a harmful substance is scary. I also tuned into parent discussions and followed the latest news on the topic, so I’m fully aware of findings that show links to autism and reports of the vaccine containing harmful metals. However, with news of outbreaks gaining national attention, it wouldn’t hurt to consider getting your child vaccinated.

One story that caught my attention is about new parent, Jennifer Hibben-White, who lashed out on hesitant moms. Her Facebook post went viral after pointing out other mom’s ignorance about the matter.

You think you are protecting them by letting them eat their shovel full of dirt and reducing antibiotics and eating organic? You aren’t,’ she wrote.


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