(Yet another) Life Update!

Hello all! I apologize for not writing so much, but life has been almost overwhelmingly busy, and I have to stay on top of it, for both my sanity and my grades. Things have been happening really fast, and it’s hard to keep up. Something has got to give, and it’s been my blog. Oops.

Well, I got the email that officially welcomes me into the School of Education! It is officially my major now, and even though the application process was a bit nerve wracking, it’s over now! This takes a load off of my shoulders. I was so worried I wouldn’t get in, even though I knew I would. It was useless to worry so much, but I can’t help it-I’m a worry wart by nature. Although that worry was just replaced by a new one: my boyfriend (who is extremely intelligent) is getting bad grades because not only does he have testing anxiety, he also has ADD and dyslexia. So that is something that gives me anxiety right now. It’s so hard to help him because I’m not even sure what I can do. It  makes us both feel very helpless, and frustrates us immensely. It’s also hard to get him to seek out help, because he takes a lot of pride in being able to master his classes without assistance. I worry a lot about the effect of these learning disabilities on his psyche.

On a more positive note, I decided to take the plunge and buy myself some small tapers! They came in the mail today. Since I have no desire to stretch out my ears (as that could affect not only my health, but my eligibility for teaching jobs), I’m going with really tiny tapers. I purchased 20g, 18g and 16g, and I won’t go any higher than 16g. Unfortunately, my parents aren’t sure that I won’t. Since they foot the bill for school, I am required to run any body modifications past them, which normally is fine- I’m not looking to get a tattoo until I’m older, and I’m getting my belly button pierced (with their blessing) on my 20th birthday at the start of summer. My parents, as cool and (mostly) liberal as they tend to be, have a few doubts about this taper thing. They are worried about them ripping out of my ears, or permanently stretching them out. Despite my efforts to persuade them otherwise, they are being a bit stubborn about this. As much as it frustrates me to say, I won’t wear tapers without my parents’ permission, because I recognize that I’m still financially under their roof, and need to follow their rules. I need to be respectful of their wishes. I just hope they can recognize the fact that tapers of this size will hardly stretch my ears at all. If they say no, it will be a bummer, but I don’t have a problem holding onto them for a few years until I’m able to do it without repercussions.

Well! That’s about it, and I need to keep studying for a test that I’ve got tomorrow. Comments? Questions? Want to wish me good luck? Comment below 🙂



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