Anti-vaxxers: Pancakes are to homosexuality as vaccines are to autism

Correlation does not equal causation- one simple fact that most anti-vaxxers seem to forget. Autism is caused through genetics and some environmental causes. The quack of a doctor, Andrew Wakefield, has had his medical license revoked for his faulty study of the connection between autism and vaccines.It has been disproved multiple times, and yet the myth lives on.

Mercury in vaccines is nearly non existent, not to mention in a chemical compound. For those non-chemistry people out there, compounds don’t retain the characteristics of the elements that make them up- for example, table salt is created out of NaCl, Na (sodium) being a super explosive element when exposed to moisture, and Cl (chloride) being a toxic gas that is harmful to humans. Put those two in a chemical compound, and you have something we sprinkle over our food for taste. Apply that to vaccines. By the way, vaccines have waaay less mercury in them than fish. A tuna sandwich has 5 times the amount of mercury (and in a more harmful form to humans) than vaccines.

So, what’s the excuse? I agree with Jimmy Kimmel’s recent statement about vaccines- the statement that vaccines cause autism is as preposterous as the notion that pancakes cause homosexuality.

Vaccination is important because all of the very young infants, people with compromised immune systems (such as people with cancer), and elderly people are all dependent on something called herd immunity. They rely on the health of others to help keep them safe. Things like measles and chicken pox are back on the rise due to a wave of organic, anti-vax parents who make the wrong choice for their children when it comes to vaccination.

America has forgotten a time when children died from polio, measles, chicken pox, rubella (which actually does sometimes cause mental disabilities in children) and hepatitis. There are thousands of old tombs that showed the effects and innocent deaths of those times. We are lucky to live in a world that has the technology to skip over these dangerous and life threatening diseases. The real question is, why do people let themselves be persuaded against vaccines by faulty, hocus-pocus, new age “studies” that claim that vaccines damage children? Some children have allergies to vaccines, some can’t have them, so everyone else should have them so that they don’t have to worry about catching their death in public from some misled parent who decided to not vaccinate their child.

Your doctor is there to help protect your child. They have gone through about a decade of medical training in order to be certified to do so. Listen to them, because vaccines save so many lives. Listen to reason, because you might lose your child to measles, a perfectly preventable disease. Listen to the other parents around you, pleading with you for your children’s sake and theirs as well.

How awful will you feel if your child perishes from a preventable disease because you didn’t vaccinate them? Please. Please vaccinate your children.

I apologize that this post is a bit mish-mashed, but I’m tired and in the middle of homework. Bear with me, and remember to vaccinate!



3 thoughts on “Anti-vaxxers: Pancakes are to homosexuality as vaccines are to autism

  1. Thank you thank you thank you for this post. I am immunocompromised (still have not made any B-cells) can’t get vaccinated as a result, and have no protection from these people who are bringing back deadly diseases over a failure to understand chemistry.

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    1. This lack of basic scientific understanding sorely needs to be resolved. In my opinion, anti vaxxers are a societal menace, and clearly don’t understand that their poor choices put people at serious risk of disease and death. It should be illegal to not vaccinate unless one has a medical reason.

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