University and Schooling Update!

Hello! I hope everyone’s day is going well 🙂

Things have been going like crazy in my life as of late. I’ve been getting anxiety and worrying over the fact that I started my education major a year late (after being premed for a year), and thought that I couldn’t fit my Environment and Sustainability Education endorsement into my four year plan for undergrad. This means that I would have to drop an endorsement that I really enjoy, or take an extra year of undergrad. After agonizing over my upcoming decision for about a week, I decided to talk to my adviser about it.

She gave me some fantastic news. I plan on getting my masters at the same school I am at now, and I plan on taking night classes while I teach during the day. My wonderful adviser let me know that my ESE endorsement was crossover, which means I can get some classes out of the way in undergrad and finish the endorsement in grad school at my leisure. I’m overjoyed that I can continue to have this endorsement that I really enjoy talking and teaching about. I’m passionate about the environment, and so I’m really stoked that I can keep earning my credentials to teach it.

I also decided to take on another endorsement during my masters- one for Gifted and Talented students. I used to be a Gifted and Talented student myself- one of just two students in my elementary school. They gave us extra vocabulary, and extra homework, which really didn’t do us much good. In order to properly challenge these students’ precocious minds, teachers have to be properly trained for it- and I want that to be a priority in my life. Gifted and Talented students shouldn’t be forced into mainstream education and have to dumb down their intelligence to fit the class, they should be allowed to grow and learn at a pace that is right for them. I am so happy to have this new opportunity 🙂

Classes are killing me, as usual. But this inspires me to continue on! I finished two applications, one for a leadership position in a volunteer organization I work in, and one that just works a front desk weekends and nights at my school. I hopefully will have three jobs next semester! I need the income coming in, as I have a few financial drains coming up, with buying a car (and gas, and insurance), as well as a trip to Europe to meet the boyfriend’s parents. So it’s time to start saving!

Have a great rest of the day! Rachel


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