Best friend got a blog, so read it, because she’s amazing!

Hello everybody!

I would like to point this out briefly. One of my best friends has created a blog on WordPress. She is absolutely amazing, and I am so looking forward to reading her posts! I’m sure they will be as wonderful as she is. I honestly cannot wait to see what she has to say on here. Check it out here, if you are interested: A Fine Evening: The Nightly Musings of an Introvert. Congratulations, Cila! 🙂 The WordPress blog community needs more people like you, and so welcome!

Now, excuse me for a few hours so I can freak out over this a bit. Obviously I am overexcited about this, but in my defense, who wouldn’t be?

Go take a look. It’s a super new blog, so it doesn’t have many posts, but intriguing intellectual conversations are sure to follow. Not to mention excellent photography, which A Fine Evening is sure to have.

I hope you all have a smashing day!


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