Quit Blocking the Damn Sidewalk! Rant Post

This is directed to anyone who likes to walk at a snail’s pace, right next to their friends, taking up the whole sidewalk.

You, you there. Unless you have a hearing impairment, you have to have heard my scooter’s loud clacking on the sidewalk, coming up behind you like a siren. My scooter isn’t meant for off-roading, so I am forced to slow down behind you in order to not run anyone over. This is fine, as long as you notice me and move over, just a foot. I only need a measly foot of space to zoom by, and then everyone is happy.

But if you don’t move? I know you are ignoring the fact that you are blocking traffic, not just me but everyone who courteously moved to the side behind me. You are a nuisance. You are a social deviant, and nobody appreciates the oblivious manner in which you occupy sidewalk space. Treat college sidewalks like roads- do not take up the whole sidewalk. Walk to the far side if you are slow, and allow faster walkers, bikers and those who scoot to pass. That is respectful, and then you can be sure not to get the side-eye from me as I am forced to get off my scooter, lift it, carry it around you over the grass, and then continue zooming.

Do your best not to get offended by my loud exclamation of “On your left!” I have assumed you can’t hear well, and have consequently shouted my intentions in the hopes that you or one of your friends have heard me. I saw that glare pointed in my direction- I don’t care. I’m not the one rudely blocking traffic on the sidewalk. I merely don’t care enough to submissively let the social faux pas slip. I’m too old to do the passive aggressive middle school routine, with the loud stomping (scooting?), sighing, and speed walking around you. You are in the way, I merely am reminding you that it’s polite to move when someone faster is behind you. You may think I am rude, but those around you are silently cheering in their heads, as they follow me closely in hopes of getting by you before the gap closes again.

It’s not all about you, so if you decide to stroll to class, don’t be rude and hog the sidewalk. The rest of us have things to do and classes to not be late to, so kindly move.

Prompted by an occurrence this morning, when I decided that I no longer wanted to go out of my way for a pack of freshmen. Ladies, do your part to make the world a better place. This is a great place to start.


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