Busy Week Nearly Done


As you know, this week has been insane. I’ve already had three tests (one Monday, one Tuesday, and one today) with one on Friday to go. I had three papers due Monday, two of which were big, and I had a job interview today, which went well. I’m just really happy that I will be home soon. Speaking of which, I was having dinner with Clark and Ariel (my sister) today and Clark got me a fortune cookie (he has a cute habit of always picking one up for me). Ironically enough, it read, “You are traveling southward soon and will learn something new.” How did the fortune cookie know that I’m headed from Washington to California?!

Just a short blurb from your poor brain fried blog author. I want to finish this post listing everything that I know I’ve done right recently, in order to put me in a good mood and give me energy for the homework I’m about to do. I got a 95% on a history quiz from a week ago, I managed to go through my interview with very little stuttering (quite an accomplishment!), and I enjoyed myself thoroughly roughhousing with the 5th and 6th graders today while volunteering. Yay me!

I hope you all have excellent days! Wish me luck to get through the next few days. I’m so tired I may just sleep until Sunday, but I need to find energy to go to classes.

Bye for now, guys! Rachel

P. S. The UTI is nearly gone, too! Damn thing. I’ve been attacking it from both sides with antibiotics and cranberry supplements. I wish it would just die already.


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