Clark is a fantastic boyfriend. I wonder, several times a day, how he could have possibly have been raised by his parents, who have successfully brainwashed 4 out of 6 of their children into blindly following a twisted take on Christianity. I have done my best to try to balance my activism with their extremely conservative viewpoints, and I’m done trying.

I acknowledge that I’ll probably always be the black sheep of the family, but I can’t be manipulated into silence. I refuse. There are lives at stake here, including my own, and I will always keep a sharp eye for injustices to expose and rally against.

I’m finished trying to please pessimistic parents into trying to like me. Clark loves me- that’s what matters. Clark understands his crazy, off the wall parents, and he likes my family more than he likes his own.

I’m tired of being forced to explain myself to the in-laws, the constant monitoring of my facebook for articles that are LGBT oriented or feminist in nature. They misinterpret everything. I’m throwing down the gauntlet here.

Posted on my facebook:

Hello all,
I have received some indirect disparaging comments as of late regarding my work with LGBT rights, human rights, reproductive rights and feminism. I would like to express the fact that my advocacy for these things will not change. I will continue to fight for the rights of the oppressed until we all are equal in rights and opportunity.
If you have a problem with this, are offended by this, or by the things I say and do considering these things, I implore you to click my name, head to my page and defriend me. I refuse to give up my views to placate anyone, and will continue to fight for what is right. I will not apologize for voicing my opinion or being involved in these movements.
I stand up for the voiceless, and I advocate for tolerance and love for all. If you have an issue with these things, I have an issue with you, and I want you to do us both a favor and defriend me.
Thank you.

I’m done with trying to hide my sense of justice. I’m tired of being called a ‘bad Christian’ or ‘too feminist’. It isn’t my fault that their ignorance is too great to be overcome. (Anyone who calls me ‘pro-abortion’ obviously doesn’t have their facts straight- it’s ‘pro-choice’ because I don’t like to micromanage other people’s lives.)

I shouldn’t have to adjust to their delicate and easily broken views of Christianity, humanity or diversity. I shouldn’t have to tolerate their intolerance of me, or those similar to me. Different doesn’t mean bad.

Clark could do much worse than me. I know my own value, and I am aware of the fact that we are both incredibly lucky, since we are both people of exceptional caliber. If they choose to fixate on everything about me that they don’t agree with, that is their problem and their loss.

I refuse to be silenced, especially since I speak up for others. I refuse to stop this. And I believe, 110%, that if Jesus lived in this era, he would be right here next to me, advocating for human rights and equality. So you can stick that where the sun don’t shine. Maybe my show of backbone will make you realize that I’m stronger and wiser than you will ever be. I’m 20, and I will lift others up. You are in your 50s, and all you seem to do is put them down.

I’m doing God’s work- so what the hell are you doing, huh? Find something better to do with your time than stalk my facebook and pick on my flaws, my dear Monster-In-Laws.


9 thoughts on “Monster-In-Laws

      1. I can hardly talk to my dad about matters of core beliefs. Especially knowing who he used to be and how he basically seems to have forgotten all of that and how he got to be who he is today.
        So we talk about the house, my health, his car, and the yard. Sometimes music. That’s about all we can.

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      2. I wish I could do that with them, but no matter what, they come back to my activism and treat it like a sin. It drives me crazy. Especially with LGBT issues- they have no clue I’m bi, and they are ridiculously bigoted. It shocks me that Clark is so different from them, although I’m glad.

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      3. Yeah, difficult stuff. When this whole Baltimore thing went down and all of my friends got so hateful against people, it was shocking. Like I didn’t even know them. You can condemn rioting all you want to, but to call the people animals because they were legitimately upset about the way they have been treated?!?! And then my friends who post all over FB that they are an ally on LGBT, but will likely choose to elect Reps who are not just disgusts me.

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