Don’t Forget Your Beauty

I have beauty. We all do. Beauty is a hard thing to define, due to so many different cultural interpretations of it, but my own personal definition of beauty is anything that I admire, on myself, in myself, or on/in others. Beauty can be admirable character traits inside someone’s soul, the grace in their movement, or the way their hair curls softly. Beauty can be the arch of one’s instep, or lack thereof. Beauty can be in scars, and in tears, and in forgiveness.

In my amazingly busy life, I sometimes forget the fact that I am beautiful. I am beautiful, in my own unique way and I can see that beauty in myself. I was created beautiful, and each turn of life, each lesson I learn, each scar I earn, that’s my beauty. I wear my beauty with pride.

I inherited some of my beauty. The grace of my limbs, the curve of my brow, my eyelashes, my cheekbones, my jawline- I can’t take credit for. That is a gift from my parents, and from God. I find beauty in that they are not really my own, and yet I still have them. I have so many beautiful things about my physical form, despite some flaws. I am very young, but these traits won’t disappear as I grow older, only change. Aging doesn’t sap beauty out of youth- it merely transforms it into a new kind of grace. I look forward to observing the physical beauty in every stage of my life.

I created some of my beauty. The straightness of my teeth, the strength of my muscles, the direct gaze of my eyes- that I all helped to create. I find beauty in the fact that all of these things took significant effort. I didn’t appreciate the way they were before, crooked and crossed, but now they please me.

I learned some of my beauty. My loyalty, my tendency to self sacrifice, my adaptability- all of these I learned. I find beauty in the situations that I learned them from, the instinct of survival that helped to develop these traits.

I instill beauty in others. I lift self esteem, support those around me, help them become stronger. As I do this, I also write this beauty into my own heart, and hold those precious moments to me in troubling times.

Some beauty, I’m not quite sure where it comes from. The fire in my soul that trickles down into my eyes, my instinctual need to comfort and love others. The love in my smile. My compassion. The silence while I listen. The advice I give. The way I can change so quickly from only 20 years old to ancient and wise. I’m not sure where they come from, and I’m not sure how they work, but they are beautiful nonetheless.

I can’t forget that even though one of my greatest strengths is seeing the good in others, I must also see the good in myself. I am beautiful. I know this. I am quietly beautiful, and I will continue to be quietly beautiful. It matters because I need to know I am when I look in that mirror and see myself. Young, old, it doesn’t matter. I want to develop the beauty in my soul, because that’s what I can affect.

Remember that you have beauty. It is your own, it is unique, and it will comfort you to know it. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are utterly unique, wonderful, and entirely beautiful. We are all beautiful, despite social and cultural standards, and we all should surround ourselves with people who see our beauty shine out.


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