Don’t Forget your Weakness

As important as it is to remember your own beauty and strength, it’s also crucial to remember your weaknesses. You have so many things that are wonderful about you, but you are not perfect. I am far from perfect as well, and it’s important to embrace this.

Your beauty is a part of you, but flaws help to round you out. It’s human to have flaws, weaknesses, and make mistakes. Learning what your weaknesses are will help you to turn them into strengths or at least be more self aware.

I’ve got physical weaknesses. My skin isn’t the best- I get acne, and I can’t seem to shake it. I get horrible ingrown hairs, so I don’t shave often. I laugh a lot louder and longer than I should. I need to work out more, because I’ve got the second year seventeen going on. My body likes to betray me; I have frequent illnesses and weak spells.

I’ve got character flaws. I’m jealous, especially romantically. I’m too stubborn. I don’t deal with my emotions very well from lack of practice; I actually barely ever have actual emotions, which makes life hard for me. It’s difficult for me to connect to people emotionally because of my own struggles. I will stick up for anyone around me, but when it comes to myself, I let people walk on me. I procrastinate frequently, and don’t work as hard as I should. I have an awful temper.

I’m sure there are more of my own weaknesses in both of those categories, but those are the main ones. I’m ashamed of most of them. I’m aware of the fact that these aren’t necessarily desirable things, but I also know that the physical flaws are fleeting, and the character flaws (if tempered) can turn into strengths. But I think the most important piece of the process is acknowledging that you do have weaknesses, and it’s normal.

Again, no one is perfect. We are all works in progress, constantly tweaking things to see if we can do better. I change things up all the time. I work on my self control so that I can control my jealousy and temper, because Clark deserves a girlfriend who doesn’t freak out when he studies with other girls or blows up in arguments. I try to value myself more so that I can stand up for myself if I need to. I do a lot of reading on maintaining emotional health, and do a lot of thinking on how to regain and control my emotions. I actively seek out ways to improve myself, which is why I make progress.

I have so much beauty, and even some of my flaws are beautiful, because they help to shape my being. I’ve learned over the years that some will never completely go away, but developing control and other skills will temper my soul and character. Don’t put yourself down for your flaws; instead, you should try to analyze yourself and see what you could do to try to improve. It’s a hard journey, but rewarding.


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