Almost There!

3 days until this semester is complete for me, and I am officially a 3rd year in college. I will be halfway done with undergrad soon! It’s an exciting time for me.

I’ve got a few finals and a few papers that I need to complete, but I have been slowly cleaning up my dorm room in anticipation of moving to a house off campus for my junior year. My house mates are great, and I get a room that is about 1.5 times larger than my dorm room all to myself!

I’m also going to be getting a car. I’m psyched! I can’t wait for the freedom that comes with. It will allow me to have a summer job, and buy groceries, and get to school without much fuss. I’m not looking forward to the bills, but those come with any privilege, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Hopefully. I know insurance is expensive, especially for a young driver like me, but it’s worth it.

My parents will be in town in a few days for my sister’s graduation. She’s graduating premed, and I’m so proud of her. She will spend the next year applying for med school. She’s also moving in with her boyfriend. There are a lot of changes coming for our family, but it will be fun to see my parents try to readjust to the shifts in life.

There are so many amazing things coming up, but for now, I need to focus on my finals! I already had two, and I know for sure I have an A in my Exceptional Learners class (which is great, because it’s in my major). No idea for Core, though. I hate that class- along with my history class. At least it’s over, right? I’m hoping for B’s in those two, and A’s in everything else. I need to maintain a decent GPA.

Wish me luck! (And if you are completing a school year, good luck on your exams as well!)


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