Life Flows On


The past few weeks have gone overwhelmingly fast.

First, I finished my finals and got pretty good grades in all my classes. An A, two A-s, two B+s. I’m honestly just happy that I got such good grades in Core and my Atlantic World class.

My sister graduated successfully and will spend the next year applying to medical school. I’m very proud of her! Although her graduation sort of overshadowed my 20th birthday, I don’t mind. The way I see it is, I have another birthday every year. You only graduate a few times at most in a lifetime. My sister’s graduation definitely takes priority. Anyway, my parents, grandmother and one of my aunts came up, which was wonderful.

My parents are also helping me buy a car. As amazing as that is, the whole process has been pretty stressful. My driver’s license expired on my birthday, so I had to renew, but since I’m from California, it’s going to take a while to get here. The car’s title should come in the next week to week and a half or so. I can’t get insurance or drive the car without my license, of course, so I’m stuck despite having wheels until my license comes in, which could take up to a month- and even then, is probably getting shipped to my California address. It’s sort of frustrating. But once all this is figured out, I will finally have a car!

I am also taking a class right now, a Children’s Literature course. It’s an independent study course, and it’s only for three weeks, so it’s pretty intense. I love reading, especially young adult books, so 30 of them in 3 weeks is no problem. I’ll really enjoy this class.

I’m also hoping to get a job with kids this summer, but if that falls through, I will volunteer with children. My parents pay my rent as long as I am doing something productive, so I am free to spend my time volunteering. I’m really lucky because my parents have enough income to indulge me and my siblings.

Clark has been sick the last few days with a bad cold that has morphed into a severe sinus infection. After a slight mishap revolving around attempting to make a doctor’s appointment today and mistaking an acupuncturist for someone who can diagnose Clark’s illness and write him a prescription, we decided to call in a favor with my dad, who is a dentist. We explained the situation, and my amazing dad called up to a pharmacy and prescribed Clark a Z-pack. That should allow him to go to work in a few days and feel a lot better.

So things are looking up, despite some complications. In a short time, these small problems will work themselves out, and I’m looking forward to it.


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