Welcome Back!

Hello all!

I know I’ve sort of fallen off the face of the planet, but I’ve been insanely busy. Rather than bore you with the details of my hiatus, I’d rather tell you what I’m involved with now! I’ve got a lot of really new, very exciting things going on, and this would go very well with at least a few of them.

I now have a Twitter! I don’t have one under my real name, it’s under something similar to my blog (to both make it easier to protect myself and make it easier for people to find). Link here! It’s a more personal, more frequently updated (sorry, sorry!) version of this, so if you’re interested, head over and follow. It’s a lot less formal than this setting, so you can see a lot more of me between the cracks.

I also have been trying to educate myself in American politics, to help myself out in the coming Presidential Election (of which I can finally participate in). I have found the amazing Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. After halfheartedly deciding to vote for Hillary back when all this started, Sanders is a burst of fresh air to me. His views reflect almost all of mine, and I adore his honesty and his refusal to sling mud like the other politicians running. I sincerely hope you will head over and read about him. Feel the Bern! I’m actually heading to a volunteer campaign this weekend. I don’t have a lot of extra money, so I decided to volunteer my time.

Other than starting a new semester and trying to get a grip on my anxiety (which is actually going well, for once), that’s about it. I will endeavor to update more often, and I apologize for disappearing like I did.

Have a wonderful evening!


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